Huguette Antoun

What’s the special about you? I mean your walls seem so high and you seem so arrogant! 

Arrogant? Wow! What a sharp eye! Anyway, Can two persons have same fingerprints?

Not as far as I know!

Well, there’s no fingerprint similar to other. Even identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.


Each person is unique as fingerprints are…this is firstly,

Secondly, unless you truly know a person, how they act in certain circumstances, mostly tough circumstances, how they react and apply their thoughts and beliefs…Even if you see them and deal with them on daily basis, you’ll never know what’s special about them! Like ever! Judging is always easier than making an effort to truly know people
and discover who they really are! 

You are focusing on the wrapping and packaging while the package is still sealed and you’re too lazy to even unseal it!

H.A – February 5th 2019

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